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Our Values, Mission Statement and Ethos


Our vision is to contribute to improving childcare across Middleton, building an outstanding children’s nursery, providing the highest quality childcare for families.

Mission Statement

To provide an environment in which children feel safe, secure and happy enough to learn and develop at their own pace by ensuring our staff are trained, motivated and valued.

Our Ethos

We want to build a positive culture with a strong family ethos, where everyone feels valued and respected. We do this by putting our families, children and team at the heart of everything we do. We want the best for all our children, families, and our team. Our team reflect on practices, and listen to and value opinion of others, striving to constantly make improvements. We create a family orientated setting where children are nurtured to flourish, and feel safe in a positive friendly atmosphere and environment.

Our Aims

  1. To nurture children’s individual potential and support their independence.

  2. To provide a high quality nursery experience, where children are at the heart of everything that happens.

  3. To create a safe, appealing and inspiring nursery environment, where children thrive and learn.

  4. To build secure and trusting relationships with children and their families, valuing parents as their children’s first and most important educators.

  5. To celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting the things that make each child unique.

  6. To continuously strive to improve the nursery into the best that it can be.

  7. To support children to become resilient, independent and confident learners.

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