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Healthy balanced diets

We are passionate about educating the children and giving them the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that will leave them in good stead for the future.

Squirrels provide healthy nutritious balance diets. We ensure that everything the children eat is of the best quality, the menus are balanced and the children enjoy their food. Our talented chefs create these fantastic meals for the children in keeping with government advice and local authority healthy eating schemes.

We actively promote being healthy by encouraging children to be more active, eat more healthily and keep a healthy mouth. Squirrels works in partnership with the local authority by introducing supervised tooth brushing every day for children aged two to five.

The children always sit down to eat breakfast, lunch, and tea in ‘family’ groups. We will always encourage them to try new things and supporting them to learn independence and good table manners.

Meal times provide opportunities for us to converse and reflect with them on the events and activities of their day as well as discussing the importance of nutrition.

Our food is always prepared from fresh on site. We have a rotational seasonal menu so if your child attends only two or three times a week they still get a varied diet.

We ensure all of our menus are nutritionally balanced. Menus are displayed weekly on our parents’ board. We can cater for any special dietary requirements or allergies.


8:00am to 8.30am; selection of healthy cereals and toast with milk or fresh drinking water


11:00 am; a healthy two-course hot meal with fresh drinking water


15:00 pm; a healthy two-course hot meal with fresh drinking water for all children.

Children who are on funding hours only are welcome to bring a packed lunch in for dinner and tea.

Fresh drinking water is available and accessible all day.

We have a different fresh fruit or vegetable snack offered each day.

We are registered and inspected by our local authority and given a rating under the ‘Food Hygiene Rating Scheme’. Our settings have a five-star food hygiene certification. We display our rating on the parent’s board at the entrance of Squirrels.

Our Menus

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

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